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I escaped from what I now term ‘commercial prostitution’ in 1982, I guess you could say that was my ‘watershed’. Since turning my back on corporate psuedo slavery I have pursued my own business interests. 

Of Scottish descent but brought up in England I have spent the last quarter of my life in Turkey. Since I embarked upon my own ‘life path’ I consider myself to be semi-retired, though I spend far more time now ‘at business’ than I ever did in the guise of my corporate persona. Business and ‘not-business’ have been melded into one for some time now. All time is my time.

My interests include: Computing, Website Design, My Personal Website, Internet Archaeology, Sculpting, Music [listening and playing], Movies, Cooking, Scuba Diving, Writing, Blogging, Building Design and Barrack Room Economics.

My current business is a high street and online travel agency which I operate in partnership with my Turkish wife from offices located in the Aegean seaside resort of Bodrum. Other business interests include an online Turkish Carpets showroom and shop.

We alternate between the vibrant city life of Bodrum where we stay during the week and very long weekends spent in our rennovated stone house set amid farm smallholdings in a very rural village.


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