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Are we all so awestruck by the enormity of the national debts of countries that we are blind to the big picture?


The national debt of the US has topped eleven million, million dollars, that’s a whacking $100,000 per family. How on earth is it possible for a minority sector of the very society we live in to have acquired so much money that it can afford to lend that amount of money to the US government?


Bear in mind that the people who lend all this money have never created a single cent of real wealth. The money they use has been acquired from the real creators of wealth by a myriad of foul means.


Also bear in mind that in addition to lending incredible amounts of money to governments this sector also lends all the money needed to finance every mortgage, credit card debt and company loan. Again, how on earth did they become so rich that they can afford to finance the whole world?


The financial services sector is so complicated that the public, as well as most politicians are oblivious to the ‘big picture’; they accept the financial status quo as being ‘normal’. Well let me say right here:




Forget all the detail, all the complexities of ‘financial instruments’ just be aware, the people who issue these loans create absolutely nothing that represents real wealth, they control a population of automatons who slave daily to produce all the physical artifacts that are the real source of all wealth and have set up mechanism to strip those people of most of the wealth they create. Thus setting up the system that makes it necessary for those who create the real wealth to have to borrow in order to buy back the very ‘things’ they produced in the first place.


One day the bubble will burst and I don’t mean yet another mega recession. Someone, somewhere, sometime will lead a revolt against the current insidious financial system. But don’t hold your breath; it’s not going to happen anytime soon.


See my cartoon:


Cliff Fraser



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