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There was a time when adults financed children. They went out to work, created wealth, had most of the wealth they created siphoned off by government and the parasitic banks and lived on the edge with what was left and oh yes, fed their children.

In the aftermath of the biggest financial collapse in history in monetary terms, governments around the world are in a bank bailout, stimulus package frenzy to try and save a fundamentally flawed system.

Now I may be wrong, but if there is a financial collapse it’s because there’s not enough real wealth in the system. So any half intelligent person is going to ask the question, where is all the money governments are using for the bank bailouts and stimulus packages coming from?

Well, we live in a credit society, which is essentially a system designed to borrow from the future. So, because everyone now accepts that credit is somehow ‘normal’, Governments are now borrowing heavily from our children, their children and their children.

It’s nothing less than disgusting and it has to stop.

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